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"How is my Copy Audit going to work?"

You have copy that doesn't deliver as you'd hoped it would, but can't place your finger on where exactly it falls short...


Don't currently have the budget to hop on a VIP Week together? A Copy Audit is my next best thing for you!

Here's what your audit is going to look like.

Can you hear your copy ROAR?

When: During the weeks prior to the audit's start date.

How: You will get a list of documents I'd need from you, a couple of forms I'd need you to fill in, and would ask you to grant me access to your systems and existing materials (via a secured password manager). You'd also get specific timelines and specific reminders from me via email. 
When: That's our actual Copy Audit's day!

How: You will get updates from me about your audit via email.

Something extra: Because we prepared so well (look at us!), I shouldn't need you to be available to me during the audit itself.
When: Within those 30 days, you should be able to already implement the conclusions of your audit. 

How: Send me an email that you've changed your copy. It's that simple.

Something extra: This process will be free of charge if you implement and publish your copy within those 30 days!
When: You'll get your audit, with all the links involved, up to 14 business days after your audit's day.

How: You will get an email from me that includes your written report and video-walkthrough.

Something extra: Have I mentioned our bonus closing call? Keep scrolling down.

Get it right, and see how 

This is what you can expect to get by the end of your Copy Audit:

1. A tailored written report on your existing situation, your missed opportunities and ideas that you can both implement immediately or fix in the long term.

2. A video walk-through (anywhere between 30 minutes to 1 hour) of me showing you and explaining how to fix those loopholes.

3. A bonus closing call with me (worth 175€).

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Your bonus closing call

As Jannet Jackson once sang - it's all for you!

All of my Copy Audit clients get a bonus 30-minute closing call, where you can ask me any additional questions that you might still have.

You will get additional hour-long air time to share your thoughts and get advice on your next course of action.

We will also talk about possible projects we could work on in the future, and ideas to support your copy on other marketing channels (if applicable). 


The Copy Audit is just right for you if...

💡 You're on a tight budget and need quick and professional help with your copy.

💡 You're looking for someone who'd be at your corner, and will care about your business success as much as you do.

💡 You don't want to hire someone in-house, because that's too much of a headache.

💡 You want someone to just do the work... No hand-holding, no babysitting, no fuss and no fluff.

💡 You expect the same premium service you give to your customers on a daily basis.


Got more questions?

I've got you.