Your email marketing. But exactly how you imagine it.

Write and send better emails to your list with the confidence of a seasoned email marketer.

Switch the guesswork with a strategic, tailored email marketing game plan for your business. Write emails like a pro and sell with integrity. Build the Email Muscles you need in just 12 weeks.

Write better emails faster

Know exactly what to write about in the next quarter, and how to do that, so your email marketing will be an easy, sustainable effort that takes no more than 90 minutes of your week.

Sell with confidence to your subscribers

Emails can be fun, playful, helpful - and highly profitable!


Learn how to nurture a know-like-trust process with your subscribers strategically, so getting your help would be a no-brainer for them - and easy for you.

Make email marketing work for you

Build strong habits that work for your business and audience, so writing your emails every week will be effortless, exciting and integral to your business growth.

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“I hadn't touched my list for years, and I was intimidated by it. It just seemed like this huge project.


Now, I see email outreach as a very accessible way for your audience to hear about what you're offering or hear about your knowledge.


And I don’t have to do any hard selling. I learned to dial my writing back so it has a more logical structure, which makes the emails feel ethical and normal.”​

- Karen NicholasKaren Nicholas Training LLC,

Email Muscles graduate.

Feeling embarrassed for ghosting your list (or for never starting one at all), and getting tired of hearing yourself come up with every possible excuse for not doing anything about your email marketing?

You’re not alone.


Email marketing can be scary. 


Making sales out of your email list is not a given either - even if you do send emails somewhat consistently to your list.


Then again, you’d love to see that email ROI that everyone keeps raving about happening for your business.


But something’s been holding you back for too long.


You don’t necessarily know what to write about and how to package it so it’d resonate with your audience.


You’re not sure how to build an email strategy that would work for you, and that makes writing for your list a daunting task.


You feel uncomfortable selling with your emails, because you’ve seen too many examples of how not to do it properly.


And on top of it all, you’re also a busy business owner - you don’t have the time to learn email copywriting! On the other hand, you also don’t have the capacity to hire a copywriter that would take care of your email marketing right now.


Besides, when it comes to communicating with your audience, you love writing and communicating with your clients yourself.


Email Muscles meets you in that sweet spot.


It gives you the tools to get stronger and more confident with your email writing, sell with strategic storytelling and enthusiasm, and build sustainable habits that last.


Above all, it’s going to teach you how to do it yourself and have fun with it.


Shall we?


Join the waitlist for the next cohort (mid-2023)

If email templates had worked for you,
you would’ve been emailing consistently by now.

But the reality is - they just don’t.


They just don’t sound like you. You’ve wasted too much money, time and energy trying to bend them to your will, but were left with nothing but disappointment in your hands.


Back to ground zero. “I guess that email marketing is just not for me”.


The good news is that you can still hit the ground running without selling an arm, leg, or your soul.


The answer you’re after isn’t templates - it’s formulas.


With formulas, you have tons of wiggle room to express and be yourself, and use storytelling in a highly effective way.


It also means that you always start writing with a plan in mind, and have a clear path to your destination. 


As an Email Muscler, you will learn some of the most high-converting copywriting formulas to help you structure your stories, bring you clarity before even placing your hands on your keyboard, and write your emails with the confidence of a seasoned email marketer.

"Email Muscles not only affected my newsletter writing - it changed the way I sell myself and my business.

During Email Muscles, I had an opportunity to apply for an accelerator of a big UK bank. Before Muscles, that would’ve freaked me out. I would’ve dwelled on it for the rest of the day, or maybe sent it out the next day or next week, but I just wrote the email as soon as I got the opportunity and sent it within 10 minutes.


I used one of the formulas I learned in Email Muscles, which made it really easy and clear."

- Claire Collis, Digital Education Specialist,

Email Muscles graduate.

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"One thing I really appreciated about Email Muscles was the fact that Yuval didn't do my strategy for me. A lot of times we want to get a carbon copy of what we know works - that's what most online trainings are. 

But they're doing what works for them and that doesn't necessarily work for me. I had to figure out what works for my subscribers. I had to step back and say, ‘What am I trying to communicate? What am I trying to do?’ Yuval knew what we needed to do, but she allowed us to experiment and then come to her for guidance when needed. To me, that's more valuable because I had to learn what works best for my subscribers."

- Karen Nicholas, Karen Nicholas Training LLC

Email Muscles graduate.

"Email Muscles forced me to actually put out my newsletter. I learned the difference between what I should be looking at, like looking at the click-through rate compared to looking at the open rate. And it made me look at things more strategically, knowing that email is just one touchpoint that can help me in serving my clients."

- Rachel Wright, founder of Celbretti

Email Muscles graduate.

“Yuval really created a space and a community for us, Email Musclers, to be able to do it all.

Her expertise in sharing her thoughts and reviewing the emails as well as all the structure and everything that she put together has been so valuable.”

Lara Meyer, Lara Meyer Insights LTD

Email muscles graduate.

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No one likes to be “held accountable”.

Your rebellious part keeps shouting “I don’t want to be held accountable!” for a good reason.


Even people who know that they could use accountability hate it.


Accountability in itself won’t cut it for you. 


Knowing what goals you need to hit and seeing numbers will.


Email Muscles is designed to give you and your peers the tools to do it yourself, do it with ease, and stay on track with your business goals.

Screen Shot 2022-11-18 at 14.27.18.png

“I thought the problem was that I was just being like lazy or bad at emails, or not making the time for it. Yuval’s knowledge alone would've been useful, but it was the combination of the knowledge and structure to help start, and then having the space to try it immediately with feedback that was the most useful. 


If you'd asked me before, I would've thought that the accountability would've been the most useful part of it, but actually turns out that it’s not. Having done the sessions, and being more confident with writing emails, I understood that I just needed a better understanding of how I could do email marketing myself. Having Yuval’s expert input with the space to do it in the group gave me that.”

- Claire Collis, Digital Education Specialist,

Email Muscles graduate.

What does the membership look like?

  • A 12-week cohort

  • Up to 10 participants

  • A weekly group call 

  • A welcome party!

  • 2 x individual strategy calls (120-minute strategy mapping call, and 60-minute halfway check-in call).

  • Map out and write your welcome sequence

  • A full email strategy for your next quarter

  • A private Slack channel for feedback and questions between sessions

  • Frameworks and formulas


Optional add-ons:

- Individual tech support calls with Gobii One agency

- Additional strategy calls

“This year, I’m going to email my list consistently”

“Before we started, I knew that email was important and I knew it was definitely something that I wanted to start doing. Emails don’t depend on another platform that I don’t own - so if my Linkedin or Instagram were to be shut down, I wouldn’t have access to those followers anymore. But if I build a list, that’s mine. 

The hardest thing is always to start and it's always very intimidating up until you actually do it. As a business owner, there's always something battling for your attention, and like a lot of things, emails are just about building a habit. There's always this temptation to say: ‘Oh, I'll start tomorrow. It's not a big deal if I miss a day.’ But you have to think: ‘actually, it is a big deal if I miss a day, because I said I would do this.’ It's a matter of discipline. Email Muscles helped me with that.”

- Rachel Wright, founder of Celbretti,

Email Muscles graduate.

That’s what you say to yourself every January.


You start the new year with every good intention to stick to it and do email marketing consistently for your business…


Then February comes around, and business gets hectic again, and you can’t find the time or headspace to email your list again… 


That’s, of course, up until you have the time or the energy - and let’s face it - when you have a new product or offer to sell.


And you don’t see sales from those emails, which leads you to believe that email marketing doesn’t work for your business.


But the truth is, email marketing is a close dance, and that’s not how this tango works.


New year’s resolutions don’t stick for a reason - usually, you’re just not that passionate about them.


But you are extremely passionate about helping your clients and finding solutions for them. It’s what gets you out of bed every morning.


And you feel just as enthusiastic about telling your story and sharing your knowledge with the world.


Your subscribers’ inboxes is the only place where you can have a direct, uninterrupted conversation with your clients and clients-to-be. It’s the place where you build deep, personal relationships with people who share your values and point of view.


No middleman, algorithms, or untrusted platforms to meddle with your business growth plans.

By having the right tools, support, and a sense of fulfillment and passion, you can make emails work for you (and have a lot of fun on the way, too!).

Where would you be in just 3 short months?

By week

you’ll have your email game plan fully laid out.

By week

you’ll have your new welcome sequence written out.

By week

you’ll be sending 4 consecutive emails to your list.

By week

you’ll know how to look at your data so you can tweak your strategy.

By week

you’ll have enough data to start experimenting with offers to your list.

And just like that, you’ll punch out a full 12-week game plan.

From zero email game to a full game plan?


That’s right.


As a business owner, your day-to-day is filled with relatable moments and valuable stories that are highly relevant to your subscribers.


And if you can’t find them yourself, or structure them in a way that helps you achieve your business goals - we’ll do it together.


You’ll start your Email Muscles journey with a personal 60-minute call with me, to map out your entire email game plan:


  • Take a look at how people get to your email list and optimize the onboarding experience.

  • Plan the emails you want and need your welcome sequence to have.

  • Understand which stories you will share with your subscribers in the next quarter, and how do those would get your subscribers to trust you and buy from you, one step at a time.

  • If you have a dormant list, we’ll plan to send a re-engagement email, to make sure that you’re all set up to build a highly engaged, healthy list.


Take the guesswork out of your ideation process and show up to our weekly sessions and just start writing.


On week 9 we’ll meet again for another 60-minute strategy call, to check what has been working well for you, what can be improved, and whether your strategy for the remaining weeks is still supporting your goals in the best way possible.

Weekly meeting structure






Hellos and support

Writing by yourself

Writing +

Real-time feedback

Wrapping up

Real-time feedback to make shit happen.

Every week, we'll meet for a 90-minute writing session.


We’ll start by making a round to make sure that our respective strategies are all set to go, and then use the appropriate formulas to assist us with writing our emails.


That’s when you’ll share your Google Doc with me, and log into the group’s timer.


For the first 40 minutes, I’m not going to interrupt you at all.


Then, I’m going to read what you’re working on and leave comments and suggestions on your Doc to make sure that you’re on the right path.


This process is between you and me, and you don’t have to share it with the group members if you don’t feel like it.


By the end of each session, you’ll have a full email laid out and ready to be implemented and sent to your list.

“Sales is really awkward for me. But, with this course, I learned a new method to do it in an easy, natural way. I feel like I'm giving valuable content to my subscribers, so I don't feel guilty when I make an ask.


It feels right, It feels comfortable. It doesn't feel like this huge insurmountable mountain that it seemed like before. This is doable. This is sustainable.”​

- Karen Nicholas, Karen Nicholas Training LLC

Email Muscles graduate.

“Before Email Muscles, I thought what I needed was a reason to write to my list every week. But it was the writing space that was the thing. I was looking forward to writing an email every week as well, which was really surprising for me.“

- Claire Collis, Digital Education Specialist,

Email Muscles graduate.

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Your Mentor

Heya, I'm Yuval, the ethical email strategist & copywriter.

I help personal brands and eComm companies elevate their email marketing game and connect better with their subscribers.

The companies that came my way and got my help saw stats like:

- 79% Open rates,

- 16.02% Click-through rates,

- Fewer unsubscribers,

- More sales.

Yup, it's that simple.

Your subscribers today want to have a unique and personalized user experience, and they want to connect with the people behind the brand.

All I do is build bridges between your brand and your customer's wishes and desires...

And tell great, high-converting stories in between.

A no-shame zone for your email experiments.
(It’s even a Slack channel!)

You’ll be surrounded by like-minded business owners who start at a similar point to you, share the same hesitations and questions, and have the same passion to help their clients and cultivate a healthy dialogue with them.


Another thing that you’ll all have in common is the sheer will to finally ditch the excuses, and make email marketing work for your businesses.


We all have to start somewhere, and there’s absolutely no shame in that.


Which is why one of our Slack channels is called “no-shame-zone”.


We’ll all share our starting point, and celebrate our weekly wins and stats. 


We’ll take the shame out of email marketing because there will be so many aspects for you to celebrate.


(Including people who lovingly unsubscribe from your list and make it a healthier one!).


Email Muscles is a safe space for your to experiment, test, and enjoy the ride.

“The ‘no-shame-zone’ channel really made it easy to be honest and authentic. We can share where we're at in the process or say, ‘I'm confused’, or ‘I'm having a hard time packaging these together’. As we went into our weekly meetings, it allowed us to be honest and feel confident enough to ask for help or feedback..”


- Karen Nicholas, Karen Nicholas Training LLC,

Email Muscles graduate

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Screen Shot 2022-10-11 at 22.24_edited.jpg
Screen Shot 2022-10-11 at 22.21.07.png

So… is Email Muscles right for me?

Yes, if...

  • You're a business owner who likes writing

  • You're comfortable with guidance and accountability

  • You want to write emails easier and faster

  • You want to build something that is long-lasting

  • You'd like to build sustainable habits

No, if...

  • You're a business owner who dreads writing for your business

  • You prefer doing things your way

  • You enjoy writing slowly and thoughtfully (and there’s nothing wrong with that).

  • You're only looking for a quick fix for your email marketing

  • You can’t see yourself falling in love with the process


Copy, strategy AND tech support

As a writer, you know that with the right support and within the right container, you will get through the first couple of hurdles of sending emails to your list.


But when it comes to the tech side, things might not be as clear or peachy.


If you’d need support with figuring out your tech and making the most out of your Email Service Provider, you can book a call (or two, or ten!) with the coolest system experts from Gobii One agency.

* Calls can be booked at an additional charge of $75/1 hour call.

Your Investment

  • A 12-week cohort

  • Up to 10 participants

  • A weekly group call 

  • A welcome party!

  • 1 x 120-minutes kick off individual strategy call

  • 1 x 60-minute halfway individual strategy call

  • Map out and write a welcome sequence

  • A full email strategy for your next quarter

  • A private Slack channel for feedback and questions between sessions

  • Frameworks and formulas


Investment: 650€ 

Optional add-ons:

  • 1-hour 1:1 tech support with Gobii One agency - $75/hour

  • Additional strategy calls - 75€/hour

Screen Shot 2022-10-11 at 22.21_edited.jpg
Screen Shot 2022-10-11 at 22.22_edited.jpg

Okay, that sounds awesome, where do I sign up?

You clever cookie, got all the way down here, eh?


So here's the deal -


You don't see a payment option right here for a reason. Not everybody is a great fit for Email Muscles (pun very much intended).


To make sure that you’re going to be in a group of like-minded people, when I open the doors again, I'll invite you to hop on a 15-minute call together. 

(That, of course, if you're still interested in joining the next cohort by then!).


You can ask me anything that’s on your mind, and I’ll try to get to know you better and understand where you’re at in your business journey.

The last thing I'd want you to do is to waste any time or money on something that's not for you!


If you’d be a good fit for the upcoming cohort - we'll take it from there.

You in? Pop in your details below.