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Hello and welcome everyone! My name is Yuval Ackerman, I'm an email copywriter and strategist for lifestyle, wellness and femininity brands - today we're going to talk about pizza, pizza ovens, and more specifically , Ooni, which is one of the names that I keep on seeing over and over again, because the home cooks that I personally know, just keep raving about it. So I guess their products are pretty amazing and let's see how their email strategy is working as well.

I actually saw them on social media and they offered to new subscribers some kind of a lead magnet, which is basically a freebie that you get once you sign up. They were promoting this kind of an ebook to get some kind of pizza recipes. Obviously I love pizza, who doesn't love pizza? I signed up obviously, but I do want to talk about the signing up process because it's super important.

As usual, to actually sign up for the email list, you need to scroll all the way down here, basically all the way almost to the bottom of the page. Their signing up process is this, "we have the secret to great pizza and we'll tell you... exclusive for new subscribers, sign up to our newsletter and receive a free ebook with the secrets to making great pizza at home". Let me just enter my email, although I have signed up a few times, as usual, to see how their email strategy's working.

Their Call To Action here is "sign up", which is practically fine. But I feel like their copywriting even for the button here could be pizza-related.

Let's talk about the success message. "Thanks for subscribing, your book will end in your inbox in five minutes". That's great because that basically tells me go to your inbox and look for the ebook that you signed up for. And they're also giving this five minutes grace period. So it will actually land in your inbox.

Ever since I signed up on October 30th, I received quite a lot of emails from Ooni, but we did have Black Friday in between. I do want to talk about only two emails in this teardown, because I don't want it to be too long.

Let's look at the ebook that I got. "Master pizza one email at a time". That's quite cute. "Thank you for joining our Pizza Insights*, as a bonus to say 'thank you', here's an excerpt of our acclaimed recipe book Cooking with Fire", and the call to action here, The CTA is - Download Book Excerpt, which is pretty nice. It's going right to the ebook. So I'm not going to go through that one. But the CTA here can be a bit more creative, like "master pizza one email at a time", which is quite cute.

Then they say, "stay tuned for original recipes from all over the world, exclusive promotions and sales, new product announcements". That's really good. That's a great section because they're setting up the expectations right from the get-go.

The next fold here is something that I wanted to talk about - basically here we have two different types of copy and I feel like maybe this email has been through a few revisions and I have a feeling that maybe even a couple of people worked on this very email, which is quite interesting to see, let's dissect everything to even the smallest details because that's what we're doing here, Right?

So here we have an eyebrow headline**, "hot, fast and fun" that's this headline here. And so, that's about benefits, right? Hot, fast, and fun. That's what I get from using their ovens. And the second one is "fire it up", which is very much on brand, but it's not telling me about the benefits.

Then the copy here says "Ooni pizza ovens reach 950 degrees Fahrenheit to cook incredible pizza in just 60 seconds" versus "Explore our original recipes crafted by leading pizzaiolos world wide". I feel like if they could have merged the benefits more, as in "hot, fast and fun", and then say, "explore our original recipes crafted by leading" etc, that would have been really really good, because this copy here basically talks about more of the features rather than the benefits.

As every copywriter basically in the world would tell you. features are not as strong or as attractive as benefits. So what I would have liked to see here is (them) talking more to the reader, as in, "now you can reach those amazing pizzas at home every single time".That's what I want to get. And I want them to kind of do what we call "future pacing" in copywriting, I want them to describe to me how my evenings (would) look like once I get their ovens and use them. How would I save time? Would I enjoy my evening more knowing that I have amazing pizzas, using their ovens?

The call to action, the buttons here are "discover our ovens" versus "get cooking". And I kind of like "get cooking" more, because it's a bit more on-brand. I feel like they could maybe change the button here of "discover our ovens" to something a bit more fun, like this one, although there's nothing wrong with "discover our ovens".

I do want to just double check and see that all the links here are working. That gets me straight to the pizza ovens, as it should have, and "explore our original recipes" should take me to the recipe section. Yeah. Great. So those two are working, obviously they tested both of those links. Great.

The next section here is "get pizza savvy - check out our resources and FAQ's", etc. I really like the section. I do feel like there are maybe a bit too many links here. So it's a bit scattered and people can get a bit all over the place. And there are a lot of links already in this email.

What I always recommend my clients is not to overload the (email with) links and the redirections in one email, especially not the first ones. You really want to keep your audience or your customers really focused on what you want them to do. So FAQ's are obviously important, but I could actually see them making a whole email just on the FAQ's as a part of their email welcome sequence.

"Contact our Ooni experienced team directly", that's also great. I don't know if I would put it in such a bold way over here. But obviously it's important for customers to know that there's someone there to actually help them whenever they need.

I do want to talk about this "follow us" section. I don't know if you can see that, but there are four different links here to their social media, and it's possibly because of the dark background, but I cannot really see those. And that's something that... they just need to change the colors here to something a bit more bold, and then it's going to be easier for you to follow them on social media. So that's a very tiny detail that they can, and I think should fix pretty easily.

And because we are getting to the nitty gritty details here, I do want to talk about the very last section here, which is something that is repeating itself in all of their emails. They're saying here, "you're getting this email because you subscribed to get email updates from Ooni. We love to stay in touch", that's cute. "We protect your personal information, keep it fully confidential and never sell customer details on to any third party", which is quite important. It's a very sensitive information nowadays, as we all know. I would actually take the unsubscribe option and move it onto the text itself. And yeah, I would keep it a bit more talkative in a way, "you can unsubscribe at any point, at any time". That's really important.

Let's move forward to the second email. So in this email, they're talking about pizza dough, which I think is incredible because of course, a really important part of your pizza is your pizza dough. So, "pizza dough - make it stretch it, cook it" great headline and an emoji. I love it.

"The ultimate dough primer", great. The photos are always amazing. "With guidance from our very own pizza experts, you'll soon be cooking awesome pizza, all you need is a touch of practice". Nice. "Discover how to make our go-to Neapolitan-style pizza dough in three steps, make it, stretch it and launch it". Now, one thing that I wanted to mention here is that "launching it" is a very technical term in pizza making, and at first I didn't really know that "launching it" is the right term. So for me, it was weird. But then again, maybe their target audience is a bit more pizza-savvy, so for them it wouldn't be weird. I would just reconsider that specific word there.

I want to talk about graphics and copy together. What they have here is three different recipes. But with this graphics, it kind of feels cramped or crowded to me. I would somehow space it out, maybe a bit like what they've done on the previous email, putting them one after the other, just to make it a bit more "breathable".

Another thing that I see here, that's kind of disturbing me personally, is the fact that they have three different calls to actions right one next to the other which are pretty different from one another: one is "get it here", one is "see how", and the third one is "get started". With this sort of graphics I think it would have been easier if they were all either more similar to one another, or again, as I said, to space them out from one another.

The next section here is "Got the brains, but need the flames?", which I really, really like. I think their headline copy is brilliant. "So you know the technique, now all you need is a really high heat, so those delicious steam-filled bubbles stretch and stay in the crust", that's a really good description and this is exactly what I want to get as a potential or new customer. "All Ooni pizza ovens reach the perfect pizza temp of 950, so choose your favorite and get cooking".

Now, as you see here, all of the CTAs, all of the calls to actions, all the buttons here are "Buy now", which makes it kind of, for me, more digestible.

One thing that I did want to talk about here is that this image is not loading and I've tried loading it again and again, but I just couldn't. So that's a technical error that they can fix quite easily. They just need to basically reload it somehow into their system.

As you can see here, the descriptions of the ovens themselves and the headlines are quite similar. So for example, here, you have "Ooni Koda 16 gas-powered pizza oven, the large gas powered one", and this is "the larger multi fuel one", and this is "the portable pellet-powered one". I don't really know what that means, and I love food and I love exploring things about food and that doesn't really tell me too much. So I might reconsider that if I were in their shoes.

Basically the same comment about the "follow us" section and the very bottom of the email.

Now I do want to say that I subscribed first on October 30th and got the second one on November 1st. So the in-between gap, between those two, was only two days, which is great. That's what I expect from an e-commerce company. They're keeping their new customers on their toes or their potential customers. And that's really, really great.

So generally speaking, they're doing an amazing job. I really liked that. It seems like they know what they're doing. The only thing that I would maybe revisit has a bit to do with the graphics and maybe little changes to the copy here and there, but all in all, I think they're doing a great job, and if you need inspiration, they're a great company to learn from.

That's all for now. Hope you enjoyed this tear down, please let me know what you thought down in the comments below, and I will see you next time.

Additional comments:

* There might be reasoning behind the capitalization, or so I at least hope. Unless it's a term that you coin in your company for a specific phrase, there's no need to capitalize such things.

** Eyebrow headline is the headline above the main one.

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