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Hello and welcome! My name is Yuval Ackerman, I'm in copywriter and strategist for wellness, lifestyle and femininity brands. And today we're going to talk about Real, which is an up and coming accessible therapy startup with famous investors, like Gwyneth Paltrow and funding of at least at least $16 million to date.

As a huge advocate for therapy and accessible therapy for everybody, I was really interested to see what they're doing with their emails and seeing what do they do right? What are they doing not so great, and what they can and should improve?

So let's hop right into it. This is their email… not email, this is their homepage. And obviously, in order for me to join their newsletter or email list, I need to scroll all the way down here, which is quite common.

I would have loved to see some kind of a popup on this page that encourages me to join the newsletter and either get some kind of a, maybe a discount or a really tells me the benefits of joining their newsletter, which is obviously a marketing asset that every company nowadays should have.

So I want to talk about the signing up process. I did sign up twice just to make sure, just in case. They’re asking for the first name, the last name and my email. Nothing here is specifically or strictly required, which I would probably change, to have at least a first name and the email required obviously, for personalization purposes… And the call to action here is “sign up”. There's nothing wrong with that, to be honest, it's a straight to the point, but I would actually do something a bit more on-brand.

I don't know, I cannot think of a solution right at this very moment, but something like “take care of yourself”, something along those lines.

I do want to talk about the success message that I'm receiving, what I’ve received twice after signing up - the success message that I received is “you're on the list”, which is a huge miss to me, to be fully honest, because what they could say, and they should say is “go to your inbox right now, find our email and whitelist us”.

Not in those specific words, but basically, give your inbox some kind of an indication that you actually signed up for this newsletter for reason, that you signed up for this newsletter, and that you want to see more of their emails in your primary inbox tab.

Cause so many emails are going either to the promotions tab or the spam folder, and then you never see them ever again.

They should change it to something like “go find us and go interact with our email, go click on the links in the email, so basically your email account would know that you want to see us”. Not in those particular words obviously, but something along those lines.

The first email that I received from them is “Welcome to Real”, and visually speaking - amazing. It's also quite short, so it's snappy and yeah, you know, you don't need to dwell into a long copy, which I quite like sometimes… Not always but here I feel it's fitting.

It also gives me some kind of a vibe or a feeling of, you know, something is personalized and even handwritten or something. So the graphics here are really, really working.

But I do not see my name here anywhere. What a miss. That could have been so much better if I could see my name here, because that would give me a sense of, oh, okay, this is intentional. “Get to know us”, okay. I can quite understand why, because you want to establish the trust.

“You took your first step with us, so we wanted to say hi and tell you a little bit more about ourselves as a human-centered mental wellness platform. We've made it our mission to offer care that is not only affordable and accessible, but also something you'll actually want to integrate into your life”.

An interesting thing is when I click on this link, I get right to their membership plans and I find it somehow, somewhat quite cynical… Or maybe with this particular copy to redirect me to their paid membership plans. I would give value first before sending whoever is reading this again to the website (at this point).

Let's talk about the copy right here. “That's the core to real, we believe taking care of your mental health is an essential part of being human” - I can relate to that as well. So that's relatable. “Not just on your worst - or best - days” - I would get rid of “or best”, cause obviously whoever is signing up for their email list, unless they’re email strategists who want to check their emails, they’re not signing up because they're having their best days and they want to get tips on what to do when you're having your best day. No, you're actually signing up because you want to get tips on how to handle your worst days. “Not just when you're going through something or navigating change”, okay.

“Wherever you're at, whatever your goals are, whatever you're feeling, we're here to support you” - I really like this and I kind of wish the entire first email would have been more like that rather than everything I've seen so far.

The call to action here is “care to join us”, which I really, really like. I think that's very much on-brand, and that takes me yet again to their membership plans.

Here, I feel like it's quite fitting and I do understand the repetitiveness, and the importance of repetitiveness of redirecting to the same place. Yet, again, I don't feel like with this copy with this location, that was fitting. And I would change that.

I feel like this is an “almost” of an email of a perfect email, but not quite.

So I got this one 13 days ago and I got the second one 10 days ago. So there's a three day gap in between.

Again, visually speaking, so nice, feels so personable, but let's dive into the copy.

“We get it, we don't take our choice in mental health care lightly either”.

Actually I do like the subject line here quite a lot.

Again, where is my first name? Why are they talking about them instead of me, the reader? I don't know. I would rephrase that altogether.

“You're so close to getting new coping skills and improving your relationship, et cetera”. And I feel like with this copy, they are so close to a good copy here, but they're not quite there.

There are beginnings of benefits here. I would have loved to see more about the emotional transformation that I would get from using their services, like improving your relationships -

How would that actually make me feel? Talk more about the emotional transformation, as I said, and rather this is a bit too logical in my opinion.

This email is quite short, and then the call to action here is “Become a Member”. There's nothing wrong with that, but they could come up with a call to action that was as nice as the previous, the one in the previous email it could be a bit better.

So this one is like also an almost but not quite. And I'm not really convinced, to be fully honest.

The third email that I received from them was five days ago - So there's five days in between the second and the third email.

“Real members, real experiences”. So what I'm assuming here is that this one is going to be all about the testimonials, which I like.

It's a bit tricky because when it comes to therapy, there's the issue of confidentiality.

And obviously that's tricky with therapy, with online therapy, so finding the way to do that… let's see how they handled that.

So, “Hello from Real” - Where is my first name? I don't know!

"Hear from the Real community”. Right, okay. “We know that choosing who to trust with your mental healthcare - or with your mental health, period - is an important decision”.

I would actually simplify this sentence and separate it into two, so it wouldn't be as fragmented. And I'm talking as someone who's talking in fragmented sentences! I don't think the flow of this first sentence is very good in terms of copy. (I’m) nitpicking, but obviously that's something that they can improve and they should, if they want to.

“So if you're wondering if the Real experience is the right fit for you, who better to tell you what it's actually like then members of the Real community themselves” - Okay, so let's see the testimonials… “We'll let our members take it from here” - unnecessary copy. They’ve already said that, and the graphics here are working, no need to have this sentence whatsoever.

This testimonial here is surprisingly short. Okay, let's see: “Unlike anything I've ever done in many years of therapy, Real is an insightful and validating experience, (I) have been flowing with my feelings and reuniting with my intuition, Real offers an amazing service”. This third sentence is somewhat cold to me and unfitting.

And I feel like this testimonial should have been at least twice as long. I would drop that one (sentence) and I would elaborate on that testimonial as much as they can.

I would talk about the emotional benefits again, cause this is a bit technical to me, to be honest. I would talk about the real change that this person has been through thanks to getting their services - what has improved in their lives? “flowing with my feelings and reuniting with my intuition” - I feel like that's a bit vague in a way. “Ready to experience Real yourself - Join now”, which will take me yet again to the paid memberships.

Yes. Okay. But… Real members of the community themselves, and I'm getting here a very short testimonial, just one. I expected to see at least two, which is the minimum that I would expect to see here would have expected to see here.

Interesting choice. That's a bit concerning to me, to be honest.

The “Join Now” call to action is simple. It could be a bit more like what I've seen in the first email that I liked. Very interesting, very interesting.

I do have a few general notes, some are technical and some are not.

So let's talk about a strictly technical issue here, which is the preview lines. A preview line is extremely important to see what's in the email, to that kind of lures you in a bit more to open the email and improve the open rates and then consequently the click through rate of the emails, so the links that you put inside of the email.

Here on the third one, this is the only one without any technical issues here, you see, but here they do have a preview line, but there's some kind of a link before that and they should delete it and they can delete it. It's just a technical error. Those are the preview lines that they should fix.

And other thing that I want to talk about is the gaps in between sending all of those emails.

Within almost two weeks I got only three emails, with three days in between the first and the second, and then five days between the second and the third.

And I kind of feel that they're not hitting the iron while it's still hot, and that's a miss. Now, don't get me wrong, because there's a very fine line here between pushing too hard and pushing just enough when it comes to online therapy, especially with new service.

But I do feel like people who are asking for help expect to get it as soon as possible, so they wouldn't back away from the decision to actually get help.

Getting three emails as the welcome sequence in eight days kind of feels like a missed opportunity to me. I think they should send them in one day increments and to send more of them, actually, so if someone is not yet convinced, then send them all the information, convince them in the best way possible, so they would sign up and get the help that they asked for initially.

Generally speaking, I don't feel like they're doing a horrible job, but I feel like they could do a better job than that… It could be 10 times better, and I'm really looking forward to see what they're going to do with their emails in the future, because they're the kind of company that we really need more of in the world right now.

Not too bad, all in all, could be better, as I said.

I'm going to stop right here. Tell me how you found this teardown (to be), let me know in the comments. and please let me know which other companies I should review next. Let me know in the comments as well.

Hope you liked it. Have a great day and see you next time.

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