"I wish I had more time..."

How many times have you heard yourself saying that sentence...

In the past month?

In the past week?

I know that I do say it a lot!

How about having the time to...

... taking care of your business?

... of your loved ones?

... of yourself?

Your business is a part of you.

You're not even considering your business as "work".

But you don't want it to control your life.

It's time you took control over your business wisely.

Cause you know that can't do it all by yourself.

You've earned the right to invest in yourself,

and enjoy your time off as you should.

Being a business owner comes with many prices.

And you pay the highest one when you're not investing wisely in yourself or in your business.

Putting yourself first is scary, I get it. I was there myself not so many moons ago.

But how much peace of mind, money, and time do you actually leave on the table right now -

simply cause your website/email copy isn't doing the work it was supposed to in the first place?

And what is the actual cost of all of that?

Instead of your copy and strategy hindering you from the growth you dreamed of - how about enjoying the time to take that extra course you were eyeing? Or get a very well-deserved massage? Even go on vacation and fully enjoy it?

What if you could do all that without feeling guilty about putting your business aside for a moment - cause it would be taking care of itself for a change?

How does that sound?

It's time to walk your talk and be the unconventional business person that you were born to be.


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"I had the privilege of working with Yuval. She's is a great writer, her copy is sparkling, witty and on-brand.  She is also very sharp, reliable, friendly and knowledgeable" 

Arti Dani, Founder & Editor, Story of Fitness