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Working together be like...

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But wait! There's more...

Click and go?


My work is not done as soon as you get your copy.


I'm going to stick around and make sure you got what you paid for.

All of my clients get a bonus post-project one-on-one call with me, to discuss anything that's still lingering on their mind.

All of my VIP Week clients get three guarantees on top of that:

  1. 14 days to send in their comments on their copy's first draft,

  2. If you implement your copy within 30 days after getting the final version of it, I will:

  • Get into your ESP again and check that your copy was implemented correctly, so you can finally hit that "send" button!

  • Check your first results and adapt your strategy and copy, so you can be sure that your copy is working for you!

Oh, and did I mention that I'm going to do that for free?

Cause I will.

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VIP Week

For business owners on a tight schedule. 

Get your ready-for-you copy in only five business days.

Copy Audit

For business owners on a tight budget. 

Learn how your existing email copy can serve you better.

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