Heya! I'm Yuval.

​I'm a curious soul that always looks for the next adventure, whether big or small.

I'm a second generation of engineers in my family - although officially, I'm "just" a sound engineer.

And yet, I ended up writing copy for a living.

How come? It's simple!

I love solving problems - that's what led me to sound engineering in the first place. Finding new angles or a unique solution, and understanding how and why things work the way they do was always fascinating to me. 

I also love writing. My love for writing doesn't only translate into copy. In my spare time, I'm also an active songwriter, blogger, and aspiring author and scriptwriter. I constantly think of things to write about. That's how I express myself best. 

And when I'm not crafting copy that converts, I'm thinking about food. Actually, I do both at the same time!​


I help wellness, femininity and lifestyle businesses to grow, using strategically composed words. 

You can establish the sincere, deep connection you've always dreamed of with your audience with the right copy...​

Copy that nurtures your relationship as a business with your audience. 


Refines your reliability and credibility. 


Paints an unforgettable image of their new and improved lives.

Can you imagine all that extra time you'll have on your hands once we work together on copy that works for you?

Can you picture a more sensible work-life balance? One where you're doing only the parts that made you open your business in the first place?

Working together be like...

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But first, let's address the elephant in the room...

The world has three types of people:

- People who've never heard of anyone with my name before,

- People who're sure that my name was only a guys' name,

- And people who're not making a big deal out of it.

If you're among the first type, no worries.

Let me quickly introduce the story behind it:

Originally, Yuval was a character in Genesis, and was considered to be the "father of all music". Not too bad, eh?

Which leads me to the second type of people. Yes, originally Yuval was a guys' name, but in the last few decades it became unisex.


Many are familiar with Yuval Noah Harari's work, and honestly, just sharing the name with this genius of a human being is great enough. 

The third type of people have either met a woman-Yuval before, or have already worked with me. All the more reason for me to have a soft spot for them!

When it comes to the pronunciation of my name, everyone has their own version. I pronounce it as Yuṽal (as in, the emphasis is on the "v" and last syllable). But I get that it's not a widely common name, so I won't hold any grudges if you pronounce it any other way! Believe me, I heard it all.

The literal meaning of my name in Hebrew is "a small stream". If you're anything like me, you also believe that even the smallest force can have a massive effect.


And that's what I want to be for your business - a small part of your big picture that makes a huge difference. 

So... shall we?

"My name is my identity and it must not be lost" - Lucy Stone

As seen on:

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Work with a human being first.

At the end of the day, it's all about that spark...

That "Eureka!" moment when you just feel like the stars have aligned for you, and your guts just cue - "go for it".

I can tell you what type of a copywriter and strategist I am, or lure you in with big words about my expertise, but at the end of the day, you'd like to work with a person who's a human being first.

So in a nutshell, here are some experiences I've gathered, and what I bring to the table:

🎯 I got my very first writing gig fresh out of high school, at barely 18, in a national radio station in my home country, Israel. I was a reporter and a news editor for 3 years, held the responsibilities for 6 different subjects, and brought a few exclusive stories that shook the ministries I'd covered.

🎯 When it was time for my bachelor's project, my initial thesis idea wasn't accepted. My new idea, however, was so ambitious and radical that my supervisors expressed their deep concern regarding my abilities to even submit it on time.

Not only did I do that (while moving apartments) - I finished as the class valedictorian.


🎯 I worked in a handful of gastronomy, customer care, and sales jobs. Because I never do anything half-assed and always show initiative,

I climbed up the corporate ladder very very quickly. Here are a couple of fancy titles of the positions I've filled: deputy manager, floor & staff manager, team leader, social media manager, and many more.

🎯 I moved to a new country all by myself to pursue my musical endeavors. Most people would choose the easy route, and not move at all. But if they would, an English-speaking country would probably be their first choice.

I got out of my comfort zone, and have been living in Berlin, Germany for the past 5 years and counting.

🎯I always look ahead, and always keep my head up. I opened my business literally a couple of weeks before COVID hit Berlin, with zero business-owning experience. If everything goes according to plan, I'll be crossing the 6+ figures revenue mark myself by 2022.


My proven 4-step method to make your copy ROAR 





5 (more!) ice-breakers
that you could use when we talk:

✨  If I wasn’t a copywriter… I would be either a psychologist, a small breakfast cafe owner (I'm a mean cook), or something to do with animals.

✨  If I had a superpower, it'd be a close tie between teleportation and speaking every existing language on the plant (including getting the cultural references!).

✨  In my free time, I make music (but you must've guessed it by now!). I write, play, sing, produce, and mix. I even tried sending two songs to the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest! I’m still dreaming of writing a song for one of the greats (Céline Dion, I'm talking to you!).

✨  I feel most inspired when I'm in or around water. My best ideas are coming to me while doing the dishes or taking a shower.

✨  I've been trying to learn something new every single day for the last couple of years (successfully, if I may add!). In the next few years,

I want to do something that scares me a little every single day (I'd already opened a business during a global pandemic and skydived, what's next?!).

Ready to break the ice?