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What is ethical email marketing?

You're not the first one scratching their head, trying to understand what this term is all about.

Let's start by talking about the 3 pillars of ethical email marketing:



That can mean different things for different brands, which is fantastic.

Having a conversation about it, to begin with, already makes your business more ethical than so many others out there.

It can range from your CEO's shower thoughts to owning your mistakes.


One thing is clear -

transparency increases empathy > empathy increases connection > connection increases conversions.



We, as human beings, have told stories since the dawn of time. It's an inherent part of us.


In fact, science proved that we remember stories 22 times more than we remember facts!

Using storytelling in your emails is all about those little moments that make great pieces of copy relatable, fun, and effective.

Let me put it this way, you're way more likely to know, like and trust someone after they tell you a good story. 



Something you need to apply in your email marketing from the moment you welcome someone new into your list and all throughout their customer journey

Consent is important cause it's an inseparable part of winning and maintaining your subscribers' trust.

In a (soon to be) cookieless world, you have to collect data on your subscribers with their explicit consent.


Plus, consent is hella sexy!

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